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SCREW arigato!! - mad_marbeler
SCREW arigato!!
So.. Saturday I was on SCREW's concert.
They were so cool!!!!

I think the best part was before the concert when we were arranging the queue.. then.. on the other side of the road... BYOU!!! He was looking behind the corner of the building!
We waved to him and he waved back.. he was way too cool!!

Well.. enough about that... while queuing there were this staff member with camera and interpreter walking around the queue and taking video and pictures..... and the pictures were taken of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US!!
"You have to do it! Do it for SCREW!"
And of course we did!

Inside the venue we bought some stuff.... I bought a poster, a bag and a towel

Cool, huh? 8DD

In the concert hall they were filming too! On the balcony!! And I was right in front of the camera when they were filming..... so embarrasing -,-;;
Nope ^^

The live was G-R-E-A-T ! !
Byou was trying to strangle himself with the chord of the mic.. and after the encore when he came back without make-up......... gosh he was even more handsome!!!!!
Kazuki was flirting for the most of the time..... and then there was a....... KISS with Yuuto!! Maaaaaaaan~  :3~
Manabu was kakkoii too.. he looked cute!
And Yuuto... why he has to leave~? ;;__;;  Well.. I will support him anyway!
And Jin!! CUTE~!!

Why I sound so fangirl right now??  ^~_~^

I guess this was the last concert for this year.. two (Miyavi and SCREW) is enough for me..
Let's see who'll come here next year!
I'll be waiting..

Thank you, SCREW and PLEASE come again!! (^^)/

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